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Apathy or Opa?

“Nobody cares. It’s all about them.” That’s how a career missionary friend recently evaluated the American church. He contends that apathy toward outreach is epidemic. Consumed with our own needs and wants, we don’t care enough to take Christ across … Continue reading

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Show Me

“Put a sinker on the line. Tie on the hook. Hook the worm. Throw him out there. Watch your line. If it moves, set the hook.” Sadly, I didn’t grasp what it meant to “set the hook,” nor could I … Continue reading

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Act like a missionary

When a missionary goes to another country he adapts to that culture.  It is obvious he needs to speak a different language.  The food is different.  The clothing is different.  They greet one another differently.  A good missionary understands that … Continue reading

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Where are the evangelists?

Where could you find some evangelists for your church?  They are probably right there in the pews.  But there are a couple ideas you must accept in order to make this happen. 1.     Churches Train Evangelists – Most of us … Continue reading

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