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Are you happy with present results?

Are you getting the results you want in evangelism in your church?  Please stop for a moment in your busy schedule and ask yourself this question.  What do you aspire to accomplish?  If we’re honest with ourselves, there is always … Continue reading

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Fresh Ground

Stagger down stairs. Turn on kitchen light. Stumble to counter. Pull grinder to front of counter. Open cabinet. Get bag out of cabinet. Open bag. Pour beans into grinder. Re-seal bag. Return to cabinet. Put lid on grinder. Power on … Continue reading

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Evangelism requires that you be “others oriented”

Philippians 2:4 says that we should be concerned not just with ourselves, but also be concerned for the welfare of others. Jesus modeled this in not coming to be served, but to serve others (Matthew 20:28). Servant-leaders must be masters … Continue reading

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Evangelism: Not this way

Check out this video about how (not) to do evangelism: Image: Idea go / Share this:

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