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Life Hurts

Life smacks everyone upside the head. Sometimes with a quick left to the jaw followed by a really, really hard right to the chin. Thankfully, we have Christ when we hit the canvas. Lost people don’t. Your coworkers, teammates, classmates … Continue reading

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Blog by:  Peter Crowder They say perception is reality; a statement that is clearly untrue in absolute terms. What we perceive by means of our senses and our cognitive ability is not necessarily reality, it is not necessarily true. We … Continue reading

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Salt of the Earth (Part 3)

Jesus says that we are the “salt of the earth” (Matthew 5:13). In earlier posts, we looked at the properties of salt and applied them to evangelism and missions. In this final post, I want to conclude with one of … Continue reading

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“More, more, we want more!” cries a little girl in a recent ATT commercial. And we do, don’t we? Teams seek more wins. Business pursues more sales. Busy parents need more time. The church wants more involvement – especially in … Continue reading

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