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Six ways to do evangelism

The New Testament gives examples of at least six different approaches to evangelism PROCLAMATIONAL (Acts 2:14-39; Acts 17:22-31) Giving a public statement of the truth of the gospel in the church or in public but realize it may fail to … Continue reading

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The Myths of Evangelism #1: People Aren’t Interested

When it comes to evangelism, Christians have convinced themselves of a reality that doesn’t exist. We seem to be employing the well-known saying, “If you say something enough times, then it must be true.” Over the years we have developed … Continue reading

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Are all evangelists extroverts?

What does an evangelist look like?  How would you identify the evangelists in your church?  What is the personality type of an evangelist? Perhaps your image of this person is that they are gregarious…  that they always have something to … Continue reading

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Home grown tomatoes

There is nothing like eating tomatoes out of your own garden.  “Store-bought” doesn’t come close.  Yours actually tastes better.  And there is the sense of fulfillment of having grown it yourself.  The long process of planting, nurturing, fertilizing, supporting on … Continue reading

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