ID-100278067Evangelism starts with a conversation.  Someone needs to start.  The evangelist takes on that responsibility.  But many of us feel awkward initiating things.  Here are some ideas to overcome this hesitancy.

Everyone enjoys talking about him or herself; we all want to be the focus of someone’s interest to one degree or another. Not everyone is readily open or responsive, but we all build life around a FORM comprised of common life connections. You can get to know a lot about a person quickly if you FORM them with some simple open-ended questions.

Imagine that you are at your first Chamber of Commerce meeting. You are there to make both business and eternal connections, but you don’t yet know anyone. You decide to introduce yourself to the guy at the snack table. As you exchange names and handshakes, you start to FORM him. You ask him about one of these four areas and follow where the conversation leads:

  • Family: Tell me about your family. How old are your kids? Are you married? How long? How’d you two meet? Where are your parents? Is that your hometown
  • Occupation: What do you do? How’d you get into that? How long have you done that? What’s your greatest job challenge? How does social media affect your industry? Where did you go to college? How did it prepare you for your job?
  • Recreation: What’s your favorite sport? How’d you get into it? Who is your favorite team? When’s the last time that you saw them play? What sports do your kids play?
  • Money: How do feel about the current stock market situation? What do you think we ought to do about national debt? What’s a good book you’ve read on finances? What do you think the economy holds for our kids when they’re adults? Where do you want to live when you retire? Tell me about it.

As you can see, these questions easily open the door to shared life connections. As you listen and question the other person, you make him feel important and interesting – and that can prompt him to like you, often the first step in the privilege of sharing life in Christ.






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