Who are the evangelists in your church?

ID-100272525Is there someone in your church whom you think might be an evangelist? Do you wonder if you may be one? First, be sure that you know what you are looking for. Our Christian culture often pictures an evangelist as a Billy Graham type or someone who consistently leads others to Christ. A careful look at the Bible however reveals that an evangelist is a person who does evangelism and who trains and motivates others in the church to share the gospel (Eph. 4:11-12; 2 Tim 4:2, 5).

Here are some traits of a person’s affinity for evangelism. No checklist can verify that someone has a specific Biblical gift or skill – but it can help spot tendencies. Check each box that STRONGLY describes the person. First responses are best. The person…

? Consistently talks about witnessing to others
? Finds it easy to meet and speak with others
? Knows his neighbors
? Learns by doing
? Can fail without lasting loss of confidence
? Regularly requests prayer for lost persons
? Has unsaved friends with whom he/she does things
? Encourages others to evangelize, relate to the lost, etc.
? Often “shadows” the pastor and peppers him with questions
? May prefer ministry outside the church
? Regularly reads secular materials
? Is proactive in greeting visitors

In my experience, anyone who displays 6 or more of these habits is prime material for evangelism training and to train others.

Once you have identified a well suited candidate, you want to train him in outreach and to pass on that training. Remember, your goal is to train and talking is not training. In talking, we mainly address the head – facts and answers. In training, we primarily address the hands – function and action. Facts are important in equipping but experience drives the train. You want your disciple to be able to share the gospel naturally.

Jesus used the best training method – consistently show, tell, involve and evaluate within a relationship. And remember that you are investing in a person’s life – give it time and enjoy it!

Rick Oglesby





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