Each one… teach one

TEACHI was recently visiting Robben Island located 4 miles off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa. This is one of the places where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years.

One of the amazing things these prisoners did was to further their education while incarcerated. Under very difficult circumstances, some did formal degrees but everyone was involved in self-improvement during their imprisonment. Their motto was “each one teach one.” Some did not know how to read, so someone taught them. Some had formal degrees so they taught those who did not have one. It was expected that everyone would be involved in teaching someone else. Everyone would be involved in learning.

That is a tremendous model for the church. Just think what your congregation would look like if everyone was teaching someone. It is called discipleship. It is more than transferring knowledge… it must also include training people for ministry and building them up in their walk with God. “Each one teach one” is a simple concept that should be a mantra that constantly flows from the pulpit and shows up in the DNA of the church.

This could be the model for evangelism training. While curriculum and classrooms have a place, the majority of training should be done informally… one-on-one. It is common that when a church wants to evangelism training, they gather everyone into a classroom. That has some limited usefulness but the major portion of equipping should be nothing more than “each one teach one.”





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