ID-10030596I was getting frustrated in a church I pastored because people were not doing evangelism. My solution was to prepare a series of messages to motivate people to share their faith. That didn’t seem to work so I preached harder and pounded the pulpit more. I leveraged all the motivational skills I could muster. Still… little evangelism was taking place.

Finally, I realized that the problem was me… not them. So I stopped preaching about evangelism. Instead, I invited Aubry to come with me as we visited a family that had sent their children to our Sunday School. They did not really know the church so it was a visit to introduce them to the church. I told Aubry that his role was to simply be with me and watch. He didn’t need to say anything. After that visit where I presented the gospel we sat in the car talking about what had just happened. Aubry was full of questions.

The next week, Aubry was ready and willing to go with me again but this time I asked him to give his testimony of salvation. I led the entire conversation but during the gospel presentation, I turned to him and asked him to tell the people how he had become a Christian. The ride home was electric as Aubry effused joy about having been involved in evangelism. He was “hooked.” There is a high that comes from boldly sharing your faith and Aubry had a serious addiction.

Over the coming weeks, Aubry took on more and more of the conversations until he was boldly and effectively sharing his faith. He got involved in evangelism, not because of my motivational sermons but because of personally doing evangelism together.

Stop preaching and just do it!




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