doorYou are comfortable in your recliner and the door bell rings. When you open the door it is instantly obvious that the duo in front of you are either Mormons or Jehovah’s witnesses. What is you first reaction? If you are like most people, you are thinking how you can graciously (or maybe not so graciously) and quickly get them off your porch and get back to your recliner.

Instead, you could view this as the mission field coming to you. There is no easier way to start a conversation on spiritual things… that is why they knocked on your door. Instead of pushing them away, why not talk to them? You would find it challenging to walk up to these same people if they were in a mall and start a spiritual conversation. But they are right there wanting to talk about they Bible. It couldn’t be easier.

They may not be as convinced about their doctrine as you think they are. For instance, many Mormon missionaries lose their faith while they are on their two year mission. Your role is not to make converts… your role is to give the gospel. You can do that. You can give your personal testimony. You can explain the grace of God in your life.

So the next time the mission field comes to you… open your mouth.






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