boldOne of the major reasons why people do not witness is because of fear. Most of us don’t really have anything to be afraid of. We are not going to be persecuted or killed if we give the gospel. At most, we might experience some mockery or dismissal. So why are we so afraid?

The heart of the problem lies with our relationship with the Holy Spirit. A cursory study of the book of Acts shows that the common denominator of the work of the Holy Spirit is that people had boldness. The primary result of the Spirit working is not tongues, revelation, feelings or voices. The evidence of the work of the Holy Spirit is that believers will be bold. Check it out. Almost every time the Holy Spirit is mentioned as working in lives in the book of Acts it also talks about boldness.

The logical conclusion should be that if we lack boldness we lack something in our relationship to the Holy Spirit. Since it is not His problem, it must be ours. Unless we are controlled by the Spirit of God we will cower and remain silent.

Do you lack boldness? Evaluate your relationship to the Holy Spirit.






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