You just don’t know…

ID-10057574God sent Philip into the middle of a desert to reach one Ethiopian. That doesn’t seem like good stewardship of time and money but that is exactly where Philip was meant to be so he went. Even if the Eunuch had not received Christ, Philip would have still done the right thing.

I’ve learned that I’m really bad at forecasting who will become a Christian. As a new missionary in South Africa, just starting a new church, I was hoping to see reach some upstanding citizens of the community to begin the congregation. Instead, the first person to receive Christ was the town drunk. I sure didn’t see that one coming.

There is a tendency to think that some people are near salvation and others are not. It seems, however that the person that appears furthest from repentance is often the first one to turn to Christ. The person we assume will become a Christian continues in their sin. It is not a good idea to pre-judge a person’s potential reception of the gospel. There is no way to know ahead of time how someone will respond.

That is why missionaries go to places where it would seem there is slow or no response to the gospel. Jesus said to take the good news to every person everywhere. He didn’t qualify that by saying to focus on where people are responding. There is a philosophy being propagated in Christianity that you need to invest time and money where you get more bang for your buck. That of course is totally secular thinking devoid of any biblical foundation. Some missionaries work where there is a lot of response and others serve where there is none. Both are doing the right thing. it is lack of faith that keeps us from going to places where the soil is hard. There are countries around the world that are dominated by secularism and it seems that no-one is interested. But in the middle of that rocky soil, there are some who are ready and will turn to Christ.

So in your own personal evangelism, don’t forget the people in the desert or who have a frown on their face. You just don’t know….







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