fishIt would be so easy to catch fish in an aquarium… especially the type you have in your house. It only takes a little net to scoop them up. The problem with that approach to “fishing” is that you have to put them in the aquarium before you go fishing.

That is the dilemma with evangelism that takes place in the church building… you have to get people there first before you can evangelize them. Fifty years ago, that was relatively easy. Crusades and evangelistic meetings would draw unsaved people to the event and the evangelist would do his thing. That has changed over the years. Non-Christians are now less likely to come to your church building.

This means we have to either have a bigger magnet or go to where people are. In the world of missions, we send missionaries to where people are. We don’t expect people to come from Indonesia, Germany or Africa to our town to hear the gospel. We understand that someone needs to go “there” instead of trying to get them to come here. In the same vein, we should expect to go into the neighborhood rather than hoping they will come to us. So whatever strategy for evangelism you may have, make sure it includes going “there.”

There are more people “out there” than will “come here.”





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