What is the best method of evangelism?

ID-100264779There is some debate about which approach to evangelism is the best. Some would argue that you simply declare the truth. Others insist you start a relationship first. Some stand on a street corner and “preach” while other softly convey scripture in the quietness of a coffee shop. Some would say you need to understand the worldview of the other person before giving the gospel. Others might just give scripture and “let the chips fall where they may.” The debate will undoubtedly go on and on but there are some things to consider whichever your approach.

1. Salvation comes from a work of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God impacting a person.
2. Ultimately, the evangelist does not have control over the salvation of others.

Sometimes a Christian does a fantastic job of presenting the plan of salvation and other times not… but ultimately, people turn to Christ in spite of the evangelist. This is not to suggest sloppiness in presenting the gospel. We must be accurate in the presentation of the truth but ultimately, the simple testimony of a child that quotes scripture may have as much impact as the seminary theologian who can explain every Greek word. We must do the best job we can to present the gospel but ultimately we don’t control the results no matter how good we do it.

The evangelism you do is better than the evangelism you don’t do. So instead of waiting until you have your approach perfected… why not just start. You’ll learn more by doing than by taking another seminar.

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