Divine Appointments

ID-10053899The gas pump failed to spit out a receipt. Instead the screen said: “the cashier has your receipt.” I was in a hurry to get home and muttered to myself in disgust as I headed into the gas station to get the paperwork. “What a waste of time… why don’t they fix their machine… why can’t they be more efficient… I’m tired and want to get home…” All these thoughts were brought to an abrupt halt when I realized that perhaps this was a divine appointment. I had been to this gas station dozens of times but had never gone inside. Without fail, their machine always spits out a receipt… so why not this time.

The man behind the counter was obviously a Sikh. The turban on his head and full beard made it obvious that he was from another place and another religion. My temptation was to be curt to register my displeasure about walk all the way into the shop to get my receipt. Fortunately, I had the spiritual presence of mind to engage in friendly conversation that meandered through our cultural and religious differences. For a half hour, no customers entered this normally busy quick mart as the Lord cleared the way for an evangelistic encounter.

The Great Commission Christian lives life in expectation that God will intersect their path with people who need to hear the gospel. It is so easy to blow right past those opportunities on our way to accomplish other things. But the alert believer is always on the look-out for open doors which come in the most unexpected ways and inopportune times. Fortunately, I didn’t miss this one but I wonder how many others I rushed past in recent days.

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