Are you the problem?

aI was an encyclopedia salesman during my last year of college. This of course was long before the internet and wikipedia but at one time, people would actually have a shelf full of books they used for research. My job was to go door-to-door and sell these volumes. It was an easy and quick source of income for a college student. But I still remember the day in the middle of presentation that a wave of doubt overwhelmed me. As I was pitching the product, the thought hit me that these books were not worth the price we were charging. I completed my presentation but did not sell. Since the average was 1 out 3, it didn’t register what had just happened. But for multiple times after that, I could not sell. It was obvious my heart was not in it and the potential buyers could sense that.

The same thing can happen in our evangelism. God does not need our faith in the plan of salvation to bring others to himself, but people can see right away if we really believe what we are saying. God can draw people to himself through His Word and His Spirit so we cannot thwart the purposes of God but He has chosen believers to be the conduit for the gospel. If we have doubts about our salvation, we may not be an effective tool in the hand of God for that purpose.

One of the hindrances to personal evangelism is that you may not really believe the message. If you don’t really believe the gospel, there will be no urgency or motivation to tell anyone else. If you doubt the exclusivity of the gospel, there is no reason to evangelize. If heaven and hell are not real, you feel you are wasting your time doing evangelism. If you don’t really believe God’s Word, people will see right through you as a fake.

So while God is not limited by your doubts, He has chosen to use you as His messenger and the messenger should believe the message. Hebrews 10:23 puts it this way: “Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful.”

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