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unknownYou do not have to be a seminary graduate to evangelize.

If you have experienced saving grace, just tell your story. Jesus had just healed a blind man (John 9). The Pharisees were giving him a hard time about it and asked his opinion about the identity of Jesus. Exasperated, the formerly blind man just blurted out that he did not know who Jesus was but said: “I used to be blind, and now I see.” He didn’t know much theology but he did know that Jesus had just radically changed his life.

That is an exciting thing about evangelism… everyone can do it. The most recent convert who doesn’t understand much of a doctrinal statement, can definitely do evangelism. They may not understand the nuances of theology but they know that God has changed their life and can testify to that.

One of the keys to increasing evangelism in your church is to mobilize everyone, regardless of how long they have been a Christian. While evangelism training is a critical component of the equipping process in the church, a new believer can evangelize ten minutes after receiving Christ. They can share as much as they know. They may not be able to argue apologetics but they can say what Jesus did for them. They may not understand terms like sanctification, justification and propitiation but they can give their testimony.

There is a fantastic thing that happens when someone starts witnessing… they learn their theology quickly. The questions people throw their way drives them to scripture and they become hungry learners. Acquiring theology in real life, accelerates the learning experience and certainly their motivation. So instead of waiting until someone has finished all the evangelism training in your church, just mobilize them today.

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