crisisWhat is your natural reaction to the young men in white shirts knocking at your door? You may feel inadequate to discuss Mormonism with these missionaries. Perhaps you just don’t want to be bothered. Maybe you are intimidated. Whatever your reason, you are probably tempted to send them to your neighbors instead of engaging them yourself.

But you are missing a great opportunity. It is estimated that 75% of those missionaries face a crisis of faith when they return home from their 2-year commitment. Realize that these young people are vulnerable to the gospel. Be kind and gracious. Give them the gospel. Show hospitality. Be friendly. There is no reason to be nervous. You have a great opportunity for evangelism as the mission field just came to your door.

Be aware that they will use the same spiritual language that you do but they mean something quite different. It is important to define theological terms in your conversation and don’t assume they have the same definitions as you for words like “grace” and “salvation” and “Jesus Christ” and “heaven.” In their initial conversation, they will use all the terms that resonate with you but dig a little deeper. Use common every-day language and ask questions about what they believe. Their views are very different from yours.

They will probably not “convert” while you are visiting with them but ask them to return. Then don’t be disappointed if they continue in their own religion while they are on their mission trip. But when they return and have the freedom to process what they have heard, you may have had incredible impact!

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