Biblically Anchored; Culturally Flexible

In the old days, an Arapaho chief facing battle would stake himself to a spot of ground so as not to run or give ground in battle.  He would tie his leg to a 4 to 6-foot tether that was tied to the stake.  He wouldn’t yield his position, but he could move freely about the stake depending on the direction of the attack.

This is how we should view the gospel.  The gospel message is changeless and transcends time and culture.  But while God’s truth never changes, our culture and society do change.  How does this affect evangelism and discipleship?  How do we bring unchanging truth to a changing world?  Different aspects of the Lord’s multi-faceted gospel seem to “connect” with certain personalities and certain generations.

There are different angles, emphases or themes a Christian can take in communicating God’s truth.  For instance, in presenting the gospel, you could…

  • Emphasize the judicial aspects of the gospel (a sinner condemned by a holy judge who can then be declared righteous), or
  • Emphasize the relational aspects of the gospel (a hostile child of Satan, adopted by God and restored to loving acceptance) or
  • Emphasize the proprietary aspects of the gospel (a person taken captive by the enemy and lost in the slave market of sin but redeemed by a benevolent Creator), or
  • Emphasize the sacrificial aspects of the gospel (a person alone in darkness with no way back to God, but Jesus selflessly sacrificed himself for us to open the way back to God.




Excerpt from “Fostering the Harvest”  a publication from Biblical Ministries Worldwide



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