Most of us would admit that we are not doing as well as we could in the area of evangelism. The first step in correcting that is to figure out why we don’t do better. There are possibly several reasons. Maybe one of these is yours?

1. You don’t know that many non-Christians. It is possible that you live in a Christian bubble and rarely rub shoulders with unbelievers. Perhaps you see a lot of people at work, but you never make any effort to connect outside of the work setting. Your social life may revolve around the church and believers. You may jut be a social hermit.

2. You don’t really believe lost people are lost. It is possible that the pluralism of our age has done it’s number on you. Though you might not say it… you think that all religious people will ultimately be OK. If you think that all roads lead to God, there would be no need for evangelism.

3. You feel insecure to talk about theology. You know that you would be embarrassed easily since you don’t know all the answers.

4. You are wrapped up in your own personal sin and know that your life doesn’t have credibility. It is rather difficult to be bold in evangelism when you know you are a hypocrite.

5. You are are too busy. It takes time to develop relationships with unbelievers. Our lives are so full of work, family, sports and church that there just isn’t time left.

Perhaps there is another reason that fits you best but if you want to fix this part of your Christian life, the first step is to diagnose the problem. Which one of these five would best describe your situation?

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