The Myths of Evangelism #2:

 I Don’t Have the Time

Given the opportunity, most of us are able to rationalize virtually any of our decisions and behavior without a problem. When it comes to evangelism, many of us have convinced ourselves of truths in order to justify our lack of witnessing. Sometimes there is necessity and value in humbly examining our heart attitude in the mirror of God’s Word and considering, “Am I merely justifying my lack of obedience?”

Today, continuing with my series on myths of evangelism, I want to explore the mindset that many have established which is to say there simply is not enough time. Such an excuse indicates a high view of self and a low view of God because it suggests that a person’s own work is more important than God’s commands and thus deserve more time.

Furthermore,  it implies that God can only work under the conditions we desire, even if He has given us just a few minutes to share with someone. There are three principles that compel us to recognize that indeed we do have enough time. Therefore, let’s consider each one individually:

1. The Time Principle (Ephesians 5:15-16): In an exhortation to godliness, Paul writes with a conviction that says that we should walk as a wise person and make the most use of the time. The word for time in this verse is not quantitative, but qualitative meaning that it’s not merely about the amount of time you spend with others, but what is done in that time for the sake of furthering God’s purposes and glory.

2. The Opportunity Principle (Colossians 4:5): Secondly, Paul commends believers in Colossae to make the most of every opportunity. Each opportunity to share the gospel is an opportunity from God for God. It should be cultivated and sown with the greatest care and compassion out love for God and love for others.

3. The Fulfillment Principle (Philippians 4:19): Finally, Paul encourages the Philippians with the notion that God is able to meet all their needs. God has proven himself faithful to complete his word and so with those words, believers can have confidence that he will supply what is needed in our evangelism. Consider that he has already provided a Savior, a story, and a system to convey both, certainly he can and would also provide the time to do so as well.

With these principles in mind we can see that has equipped us with the necessities to exalt his name to those we come in contact with. In reality, not having time to share the gospel has nothing to do with the amount of time available and everything to do with your prioritization of that time. Sharing the message of salvation with people comes with a cost. Sometimes it costs money, sometimes it costs pride, and other times it costs popularity. Certainly, we should not be surprised then, when it costs us our time. However, your temporal cost can save someone else the eternal cost.

This article is part of a series on the various myths we believe about evangelism. You can read previous posts by clicking the links below:1. The Myths of Evangelism #1: People Aren’t Interested


Robert E. Zink, missionary to Argentina


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