The Perfect Gift (Part 2)

By: Robert E. Zink
Previously, I wrote of the commencement of the Christmas season which brings the initiation of the search for the perfect gift. Yet, that spectacular search often overlooks Christ, the focal point of our celebration, as the perfect gift for every person (you can read the previous article by clicking here). However, the proposition of sharing Christ this Christmas is often met with intimidation from a fear of both the action and aftermath that comes with sharing Christ. Fearful that one cannot articulate the gospel message combined with anxiety that many will respond with rejection of not only the message but the messenger make many of us reluctant to share with others. How then, can we be intentional in giving this previous gift to others?
Truthfully, the answers to that question is not something that causes wonder because they are very straightforward and well-known. Therefore, there are three ways in which to put attention on the perfect Christmas gift this season, which include the following:
  • Through Accounts: Words can be scripted to form powerful communications and therefore, we have an opportunity to give testimony of Christ with the words we use. In fact, we could say that we have an obligation to give an account of who He is, what He has done for others, and what he has done for us individually. Those words have the propensity to be used by the Holy Spirit to convict hearts.
  • Through Actions: Many will often say, “Actions speak louder than words.” Words are a necessary part of conveying the message of Christ this Christmas, however actions add an additional level of conviction because they come with immediate consequences. As a result, actions towards others can be an outward demonstration of Christ. Actions come with an ability to captivate hearts.
  • Through Affections: Finally, the most receptive way to give Christ this season is through loving others, an activity that involves both the previous two points. A deep, godly love is effective because it is real, but it is also slow because it takes time to show that genuineness. However, the result of such a profound love is a softened heart.
  • So how do we give the perfect give this season? Through our words, through out actions, and through our love. There is no wonder in how we share because it is the same way the message has been shared for generations, but instead wonder comes from the results when we do share.
The perfection of this gift is greatly seen through the imperfection of people. In fact, it’s that imperfection of people that will cause them to deny the beauty and necessity of this gift and result in the rejection that so many fear. However, while our imperfection can help us to understand more of Christ’s perfection (and vice versa)t, that same imperfection does not negate His perfection. The truth is, every person stands in great need for the work of Christ’s perfection in his or her life, and therefore, Christ is the perfect Christmas gift.
By: Robert E. Zink
Missionary to Argentina
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