Are you happy with your present results?

Are you getting the results you want in evangelism for your church?

Please stop for a moment in your busy schedule and ask yourself this question.  What do you aspire to accomplish?  If we’re honest with ourselves, there is always an area that we would like to see different results, and maybe this area has been on our minds for some time but nothing has changed.  So, we keep plodding along, spending our time and resources the same way but expecting different results.  Do you want to see different results? Do you believe the Lord would have you achieve different results?  If so, you need to change!  Leaders make things happen.  If things are not progressing, then the leader must take responsibility for that.  It comes with the job description of any leader.

Very specifically, is everyone in your church involved in evangelism?

Consider the following in your thinking:

  1. Identify and articulate the truth about evangelism in your church.  You cannot fix something unless you accurately diagnose the problem.  If you can’t admit failure, you won’t take the proper steps forward. Consider what you would like to see changed and write it down.
  1. Set goals.  Results are, of course, up to the sovereign Lord.  At the same time, He has given us a brain and a heart that expects us to use.  In James 4:13-16, while many people focus on the brevity of life in verse 14, there is another principle at work in verses 13 and 15 and that is the setting of goals. Set a goal (how much time per week, or how many conversations, or what outreach events). It must be measurable (i.e. 30 people hearing the gospel each week) and time bound (by the end of the year).
  1. Get committed to do what it takes to achieve this goal.  Commitment is different than agreement.  How?  Agreement means “it’s a great idea and I’ll give it my best shot”.  Commitment is more like “Before God and my family, I will do what it takes to make this happen if the Lord wills”.  The former is a good idea (head knowledge) while the latter is head and heart.  You want to be at commitment for the achievement of this goal.
  1. Develop a written plan that includes the above and integrate it into your calendar.  Get an accountability partner to help you keep on track.  Then, as it  says in James 4:15, give it to the Lord and trust Him for whatever results He wants for you.

Proverbs 3:6 tells us that God directs our paths.  He leaves it up to us to take the steps: set a goal, determine new skills, write up a plan, and get on with it.  If you are truly interested in achieving different results, God will bless your use of this simple model for change in ways that you and I could never imagine.  To Him be the Glory!!

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