One Way

That is a repulsive statement to many people. How could Jesus be that exclusive? The spirit of tolerance views that statement as arrogant. For instance, here is a quote from a Jewish Rabbi:

  • “I am absolutely against any religion that says that one faith is superior to aonther. I don’t see how that is anything different than spiritual racism.” – Rabbi Schmuley Boteach

But Jesus’ statement is the core reason for evangelism. He is either right or He is wrong. There is either one way or many ways.

The strange thing is that some Evangelicals are questioning this truth. Salvation is being re-defined as the direction you are heading rather than the entry point. The argument is that since a person of another religion is at least trying to find God, then he is OK.

This is a tough doctrine. I wish it wasn’t so. I so much wish it wasn’t so. But this one isn’t up for a vote. There is no wiggle room. You wouldn’t do so well debating Jesus.

The last Hindu that I witnessed to insisted that he was a monotheist and that the god he worshiped was the same god I worshiped. “They just have different names.” The problem was that when each of us described the god we worshiped, there were vast differences. It was obvious we weren’t talking about the same deity.

If Jesus is wrong, there is no need for evangelism.

Roll the dice if you like… but I’m with Jesus.

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