Fresh Ground

Stagger down stairs. Turn on kitchen light. Stumble to counter. Pull grinder to front of counter. Open cabinet. Get bag out of cabinet. Open bag. Pour beans into grinder. Re-seal bag. Return to cabinet. Put lid on grinder. Power on grinder. Open brewer top while beans grind. Delight in the smell of fresh crushed Rwandan coffee beans. Remove filter from filter stack. Envisioning first cup, place filter into brewer. Feel pulse increase as grinder stops. Open lid and pour grounds into filter. Get water container. Fill with cold water. Pour water into brewer. Close lid. Push switch. As coffee brews, walk to sink. Fill mug with hot water to prime it. Do a mental tango to the music of gurgles, chugs and drips. As final spasm of brewing burbles, empty mug into sink. Return to coffee counter. Pick up coffee catch cup. Pour coffee into warm mug. Replace catch cup. Grasp mug handle with thumb and first two fingers. Lift mug to lips. Sniff! Taste! E-n-j-o-y!

Over three-dozen steps to relish the day’s first cup of life! Process produces. There is no other option. Everything that you do is part of or the result of process. Think about anything and scribble down the elements of the process. Amazing, isn’t it?

Evangelism is a process too. Jesus and Paul both used an agricultural analogy to describe the outreach process: plant, water and harvest. Just as growing a vegetable garden or planting decorative flowers and shrubs takes many small steps, repetition and much time and effort, so it is with reaching others.

Grasping that evangelism is a process liberates you from false guilt when someone does not believe right now. Appreciating gospel progression allows you to relax. Whether you create a relationship, share the whole gospel, lead a friend to Christ or just do a neighborly chore, each is part of God’s divine design.

When you head out to engage life tomorrow, thank God that outreach is a process. Praise him that you get to participate. Ask him to alert you to the opportunities to forward the process of new life. And E-N-J-O-Y!

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About Rick Oglesby

Rick has worked as a church planter, pastor, missionary, Bible College President and teacher. He currently pastors in Wellington, Alabama.
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