Why a mission agency?

A well known chain of hotels has the following motto:   “Our business is to help you get on with yours.”  That is also the role of the mission agency.  Our goal is to help you get on with your goals… especially in the area of global outreach.  As a para-church organization our only purpose for existence is to be a facilitator of your vision for international ministries.  We are merely a tool in your hand to accomplish the goals God has given to your church. This is the heart and soul of the companion relationship that we wish to enhance.  It is our desire to serve you.

The local church is the medium for God’s work today.  It thus follows that the local church that should recruit,  train and send missionaries.  It is equally evident that the primary result of missions activity should be newly established local churches.  Therefore the work of A mission agency is to help sending churches deploy and serve their missionaries as they start new churches around the world.

What then is the role of the mission agency?  It is to be a tool in the hand of the local church. There are many things we can to do assist you in your job, but here are two things:

1.  ADMINISTRATION:  The mission agency cares for a myriad of administrative details which are needed to keep a missionary on the field.  Some of these services include:  Crisis management, , visas, travel arrangements, hospitality, displays, literature, prayer letters, prayer cards, representation, hostage negotiation, recruiting, receipting, payroll, banking, tax services, retirement, medical insurance, correspondence, etc.  We focus on these details so that your missionary can focus on his main task of starting churches.

2.  TRAINING:  We assist you in preparing your missionary for deputation, cultural adaptation, language learning and  on-going training on the field.  BMW operates an email forum to facilitate discussion of issues related to missions called Thinkspots.  Inkspots is another forum to share book reviews.  Each year we facilitate a conference on  the field to provide training, planning, fellowship and spiritual rejuvination for missionaries. One-on-one mentoring is available in many instances for new missionaries on the field. Life-long learning is a necessity in ministry and the mission agency can help you make that happen.

Your church could provide all these services.  It would mean that the church needs to employ a full time missions pastor to adequately do all this.  Or you may choose to “outsource” some of these services to a mission agency.  If that is your approach, we are here to serve you.

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