Speed limit 70. Credit limit $5,000. Blog limit 700 words. Drive any speed you wish under 70. Spend as much or as little as you choose up to $5,000. Write whatever – just don’t exceed 700 words. Restrictions both confine us and free us.

When it comes to evangelism, we have only two restraints. The primary limit is our message. The good news is God’s, not ours. God’s free offer of eternal life to whoever trusts the crucified and resurrected Christ is sacrosanct. We dare not adjust it.

God has not restricted our methods – they are as wide open as the Kansas plains. As a believer who wants to reach others, God gives you complete freedom in how you do outreach. There is no “biblical” or “right” strategy. You can become all things to all men so that you might win some.

A john boat with a rod makes a great place to share Jesus with a friend. Ladies on a day-trip to the mall can shop and share. Maybe you can help your neighbor build a deck. There are no limits to your methods – let your community values, social strata and creativity drive them. When considering how best to connect with a lost person, answer this question, “What is the most natural way to approach this person in his context?”

Many years ago in Bible College, our evangelism teacher taught us to do door to door outreach two by two. One of us was to share the gospel. The other was to keep family members from interrupting or distracting. We were to converse with them or play with the children or even to stand in front of the television if needed. Most of our class wouldn’t do this. We felt it was wrong, and it was. Such a tactic violated limit two – motive. Scripture encourages us to present Christ with integrity. We are not to employ deceit, flattery, or impurity but to bear witness to please the Lord who tests our hearts. God restrains our motivations. (Not to worry, the Dean removed that teacher quickly!)

It is said that someone asked D. L. Moody, “What is the best way to reach the masses?” His answer was “Go for them.” He was profoundly biblical – Scripture unshackles our methods as long as we keep the message accurate and our motives pure.

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Rick has worked as a church planter, pastor, missionary, Bible College President and teacher. He currently pastors in Wellington, Alabama.
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