I hate them. But every year, I make an appointment with the doctor even though I’m feeling great. There is wisdom in checking things out periodcially regardless of how healthy I might feel. Churches would benefit from the same routine. As the point person for evangelism in your church, it would be really critical to annual have a check-up on the outreach of the church.

The first ten minutes of an annual physical are devoted to checking vital signs. Weight, temperature, blood pressure and stethescope don’t prove you are healthy. But irregularity in any of those causes the doctor to look more closely. That is why they are called “vital signs.”

The following is a list of vital signs for the evangelistic health of a local church. It doesn’t necessarily prove the church is healthy… but irregularity with these vital signs will alert you to examing things more closely. Here is the short form… check your:

1. Calendar

2. Communication

3. Cash


Or to put it another way and if you want to expand that a bit, here are more detailed questions:

1. What percentage of the congregation is involved in personal evangelism?

2. What percentage of the programming of the church is designed for evangelism/outreach?

3. What percentage of the budget is devoted to outreach?

4. Do you regularly hear church members talking about evangelistic encounters?

5. How much time is devoted in prayer for lost people?

6. Does the pastor preach about and model evangelism?

7. Is there regular training for personal evangelism?


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