Life Hurts

LIFE SMASHESLife smacks everyone upside the head. Sometimes with a quick left to the jaw followed by a really, really hard right to the chin. Thankfully, we have Christ when we hit the canvas. Lost people don’t.

Your coworkers, teammates, classmates or friends without Christ must fight through the many rounds of life on their own. Thankfully, their cut eyes and sore ribs are your opportunities. Help them up, off the mat. When life is beating up a lost friend, ask them, with empathy, if you can pray with them.

I’ve never known a lost person to turn down that request. When we ask that question with a listening, empathetic heart, people often melt. Few lost people see God as truly caring about their daily lives – he’s more about the big stuff – marriage, Easter and heaven. To ask them if you can ask God to help them can be life changing.

Ask them, then wrap an arm around their shoulder, hold a hand, look them in the eye, whatever. Then simply ask Christ to work for them and in them. Don’t review your theology or tell them the gospel when you talk to God. Just ask.

Such prayer makes people feel cared for and important. It gives hope. It will open more doors for you to listen and talk to them. Most of all, it puts Christ foremost in their mind because they will look for his response. And he’s in their corner.

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About Rick Oglesby

Rick has worked as a church planter, pastor, missionary, Bible College President and teacher. He currently pastors in Wellington, Alabama.
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