Who is the “point man” for evangelism in your church? It is probably not the pastor since his giftedness corresponds to his ministry as pastor. But there is probably an “evangelist” who is sitting in a pew. He has been gifted and has a passion for evangelism. But he is probably not recognized as the church evangelist… doesn’t have a position… is not part of the pastoral staff. This could be one of the reasons most churches do poorly at outreach. Your key player is sitting on the bench; in fact, he doesn’t even have a uniform.

Ephesians 4:11-12 is the only place in scripture you find a job description for an evangelist. It is obvious from this passage that the primary function of an evangelist is to inspire and instruct others in evangelism. The role of evangelist is primarily a trainer. His job is to help others who are not gifted to do a better job of propating the gospel.

There is a tendency to think an evangelist as an itinerant traveling from town to town and church to church holding crusades. That can be good. But if an evangelist does not stay long enough to train other people to do evangelism, he isn’t doing his job (Eph 4:11-12). That kind of training cannot happen in three easy lessons or one weekend. Each church needs an evangelist on staff.

There are some simple steps to accomplish this:

1. Identify the potential point man that is already in your church

2. Recognize this person by appointment to a position

3. Provide training for this man so that he can be a trainer (BMW can do this)

4. Resource this individual with finances and time

5. Turn him loose

Bottom line… if someone is not giving attention to this facet of your church ministry, don’t expect it to move forward.


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